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Hiiiii, I am Prudence and I started this blog so I can share my little knowledge on living godly and also on how to maximize your days and time as a single somebody. Hope you will be blessed.Enjoy!! ✌#Jesusbaby #totalwoman  #singleandsatisfied



Hello guys,

Yup! I know it’s been a while, a couple of months since I posted last and I apologize to my dear readers. Honestly.. it’s not intentional, just cause whatever I publish must be something I’ve dealt with and come through. So, this particular ‘people driven’ talk took that long a dealing period for me and now I can post it a little confidently. Appreciation to those who kept asking “when is the next post coming up?” Boom! It’s here now, so let’s get to it.

As you go through this post, I hope you will be sincere enough to yourself to carry out a self examination that will reveal just exactly what or who really drives your life.

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

As human beings who are social (let’s take social as simply being amidst people, not too deep) we have the possibility of being driven by them. There’s the self drive too,a very terrible drive,I don’t even know which is worse. This drive could be obvious or not, forced or consented, I mean, it could come in any form, it is a drive.

People driven : one’s basic motive is always based on people.

So, before I do anything the very first question I consider or my mind even unconsciously processes is what will people think, say, or act towards this. If by the slightest chance, it feels like the answer to that question is negative ,then I withdraw. But then, I really want to do this, so, I consider other reasons apart from ‘what will people say’ like ‘I am my own man, I do this for me, I think it is God’s will’. If again by any chance, all these other reasons fail to usurp the negative feeling already imposed -that people will not accept this, then that thing I was supposed to do ends there, irrespective of whether I desire it or God does. Sometimes, after that first basic question (what will people…?) for a people driven me has been answered, this time I have a positive feeling;yeah! people will love this. I go ahead confidently to do it and those other considerations ‘ is it God’s will, is it good, praise worthy, noble, pure or beneficial? ‘ do not matter anymore, after all, people will love it.

“What will people say”has killed more dreams than anything else.

Now, this people drive can be so unknown to us that we are actually doing everything in our lives according to ‘what people will… ‘ and we will not even know it. That is because we are good in justifying our motives as we deem fit. So I’m saying; oh, I do this because I love to, I feel the need to, I’m convinced to, and many other camouflage motives we have. While in actual sense, if we take time to examine our motives, we’ll find out that it’s just because we don’t want people to think we have no talent or we are nothing. So, we try to prove people wrong by doing those things. One way or the other we could be driven by people, people’s reaction tend to determine what we do.

Let me say this and let me say it fast: doing things because of people is not in itself bad. In fact it is good motivation sometimes and the Bible itself is in support, that you consider people in what you do.

Romans 15:2 Let every one of us please his neighbour for his good to edification.

But that drive, the people drive, should not be your primary drive neither should it be your secondary drive. It has it’s place.

Primarily, we should be God driven. God should be our basic motivation for all we do. Everything we do should spring up from him. Questions our mind should be programmed to answer before we do anything should sound like, “will God be pleased, will Jesus do this?” Etc.

Romans 14:7-8 For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s

Secondarily, we should be purpose driven. There’s a purpose for which we are alive, figure that out and let it drive you. Your secondary drive comes from the primary drive and if your primary drive is still to please God, then the secondary cannot go off course. Weew! Purpose, very important. Let it be a topic for another day.

So, it would be nice for you to humbly sit and honestly ask yourself, “what or who really drives my life?” Consider your most recent indulgences and try to honestly trace the motives behind them. Don’t try to form the motives as you think, your soul is honest enough to tell you the truth. It should be God dear, it should be. Not even the most worthy person or the most worthy course should be your drive. It may have started with pleasing God as your drive but along the way pleasing people took the wheel, do well to let Jesus take the wheel once again. If you keep doing things because of people,very soon you wouldn’t do those things anymore,why? because,people wouldn’t always be there. Lol, maybe you are confident that people are in no way the basic motive behind anything you do, well who am I to tell you otherwise? Just try to examine yourself and see, okay? Good 👍.

In summary, it is okay to have people, and what they will say, think or do in mind before you do things but they should not be your primary drive in life.

Pleasing people or displeasing people is not why you are here. You are here for God, so pleasing Him becomes primary.

Let us be God driven, cause he does not change (unlike people 😏) and Purpose driven, well cause it’s a more worthwhile drive than the people drive.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

And yeah! If you are visiting this blog for the first time, there are other wonderful posts previous to this, you’d love to read. Eg. TRAPPED!

May the Love, Grace and Power of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and give you light in your inmost being, Amen.

Yours in Christ,




 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called…(1Timothy6:12)

To the struggling Christian,

I write this to you dear one;you who wants to live for Christ (Romans14:8),who wants to please the Lord,enjoy fellowship and do His bidding.

Yes! We know know the Truth and believe in Him but the life He requires from us we fall short in living it. We are standing today and slipping tomorrow, fellowshipping today and shrinking back from Him tomorrow. Why is this so? For our God is immovable and does not draw back neither does he change. How then can our relationship with this constant God yet be wavering? As much as it troubles you,it wearies my heart and does not please the Father.

Yeah,I think we all know the answers to our wondering. That we, in our ‘prone to wander’ state, time and time again stray from the Father’s courts and fail to return in rapid,genuine repentance. Now, there we lay;in our lowly state,lacking all we know could be ours,wanting sweet fellowship,wishing for something deeper and camouflaging the peace only Him can give. There we are; far from the Father,not able to return, having thoughts that we would slip right back into the same mess and stand and slip and fall again.The inconsistency wearies our souls,so we rather just stay lost and prodigal.

You are never too lost to return!

Beloved, I think it is time to FIGHT! To stand up and fight for your relationship with your Father.We can’t just sit in the mess.The prodigal son fought,Peter fought,Paul fought,yes!all saints fight. Fight!for you want to please Him.Fight whatever sin,doubt,distraction,and even your very flesh. Join Christ in this victory battle for your soul.Nobody is going to do this for you,you just have to stand up from the rise and fall tide (bear the parable of the prodigal son in mind Luke15:11-32) and fight for the stable relationship you so desire.

We may fail in our following Christ,but let us not fail to follow Christ.

The grace for this fight comes only from the Father; for nothing first proceeds from our end, we only love Him because He first loved us (1Jn4:8). But how can we receive this grace to strive if we do not ask? God’s grace for the Christian race is always available but we fail to receive it most times.So,let me say;we still need grace to receive grace.

…you do not have because you do not ask God(James4:2)

Let me shock you: our fighting is in our SURRENDER.You fight the doubt;that won’t let you ask your Father for help,you fight the fear;that you would fall again,you fight the unwillingness;to keep up with His standards, you fight the inconsistency, you fight your flesh, all by surrendering to Jesus -the Champion of our souls.We surrender our inabilities and abilities, our weaknesses and strengths, our doubt,fears,weariness,failings,past,present and future, literally everything to Him.Therein lies our victory.

 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James4:7

There’s freedom and victory in surrendering to Jesus!

Our fighting is not in struggling with ourselves or with anything. Our fighting is done as we surrender ourselves to Jesus over and over again. So,you can replace all the ‘fight fight’ I’ve been mentioning with ‘surrender’.Cause in this Christian journey, our fight is always in our surrendering to Jesus.By surrendering to Him we are fighting. Stop struggling dear and surrender!

Let us pray: 

Dear Jesus,we come before you,our heart’s filled with gratitude for you saved our souls and you are with us as we workout our salvation (Philippians 2:12).Yes Jesus, we fall,we stray but time and again you follow us wherever we stray and you help us to return. We are not happy that we keep slipping off the path and most times we stay down and we know it pierces your heart too. So dear Jesus, we surrender ourselves to you, we’ve been doing it our own way.We have tried to stay connected to you with our methods and have failed. This time we choose to fight these failings of ours by surrendering to you and your ways.Help us trust you enough to abandon ourselves in you. Yes Lord, we know you wouldn’t let us go. Our souls belong to you and we want to stand with you against all things that war against our souls. Please help us Jesus,we leave the struggle and we submit today and every other day of our sojourn on earth. Thank you Jesus for you hear us (Isaiah 65:24).In your name we’ve prayed,Amen.

Do NOT give up on your Christian journey, It’s worth the fight!

Let us keep to the Word,prayer and fellowship with the brethren. Ye,we are more than conquerors!

Song recommendation: Oceans by Hillsong.

Book recommendation: BATTLE OF THE MIND by Joyce Meyer

Grace,Strength and Sweet Fellowship!

Yours in Christ,



Heyy you!😊

So,after my last post,trapped,I got to hear from some people and most of it was that they felt trapped by fear,fear of the unknown.Uhmm,if you don’t know what I’m talking about you most likely have not read the previous post, quickly do that right here. So, a remedy to this malady I’ve come to understand from Scripture is what we’ll talk about and that is ; living daily.

Mat 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Learning to take life a day at a time is one necessary thing, if we are to live above fears and worries. Run through Scriptures and you’d see how God relates with his people day by day. Jesus Christ our ultimate model taught this principle and lived by it. If it wasn’t possible to take life a day at a time, Jesus wouldn’t have told us to do so. Plus He taught us to pray;

Give us our daily bread..Matthew6:11

Now, this is not saying; let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die.Neither does it mean we shouldn’t plan for tomorrow or pray for our future. Rather,we take a day and it’s dealings, face them with the strength and grace God gives us for that day without stressing over what tomorrow holds. We should have plans,hopes and expectations but guess what;we don’t know tomorrow!(James4:13-15).Taking life a day at a time helps us concentrate and save our energy, herein we are more efficient.And our sweet sweet heavenly Father is always there to help us😊.

Psa 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. 

We live each day only by the grace of God. When we begin to over think in the name of planning, about how tomorrow(tomorrow that we know nothing about) would go, we can’t help it when we begin to worry and fear and find ourselves trapped in uncertainties, unable to achieve anything either today or even the tomorrow. Living daily is a decision we have to deliberately take daily. Like waking every morning and saying to my self: I’m taking today for today and dear Jesus please be with me every step of the way. I refuse to worry or even think about tomorrow without having your sufficient grace in mind. Let me walk this day with you. Amen!

 Take your plans,hopes,ambitions,and expectations to God in prayer. Place them in His hands and leave them there. They are safer there.@pwudenceblog

So, this is me,sooo worried about a long journey I had the next day.I kept thinking of the stress,discomfort ,hunger and all the negativities of traveling so far away. Mind you, I had not even packed my bags 😂. I thought and thought and worried and saddened till I started feeling weak physically. I slept off thinking I’ll wake up to do all I should have done. We all know that didn’t happen. The next morning, there was so much confusion and rushing and shouting. Found myself on that journey,not prepared, still stressed and uncomfortable all because I had ‘traveled’ on the day of preparation. If only I had focused on the right thing on the right day instead of worrying and over thinking of the wrong thing on the wrong day.

One day at a time dear.Today for today!

In our walk with God also, this applies. For the times I sit and begin to worry if I’d have the strength to go on maybe a 3-day fast, I wouldn’t even make a day. But when I just trust God for each day I receive strength for each day. Stop being afraid of falling or failing and backsliding. Wake up each day and trust God to help you seek him and receive His grace for that day.That’s why we study the Bible daily and pray daily.I prayed yesterday doesn’t mean I shouldn’t today.God will lead you daily and give you your daily bread. Watch how you’ll grow as you walk with God day by day refusing to be afraid if you’d fall tomorrow or not.

I pray you get to understand all these appropriately with no controversy. And as I always recommend, talk to Jesus about it,that fear,that trap and watch Him do what he does so well;save.

Book recommenndation :Living beyond your feelings by Joyce Meyer.

Song recommendation:  Courageous by Casting Crowns.

Sweet fellowship, grace and peace.

Yours lovingly,



Happy new year!!!

Hello my dear reader, I’m so happy to have you here this new year. And I pray this year is gonna be your best year yet. Make this year count, so you don’t just live out 2017 twice. It wouldn’t be nice to start a new year with old (unprofitable) habits. May it be a new year indeed!

Okay now,to the issue before us,well, it’s not for the mouse,it’s for you  or probably somebody you know . I’m gonna be asking a lot of questions,I hope you’d answer sincerely. Alright,here we go!

Are you held down to or in something? You just can’t step out of it. Something you probably didn’t plan to get so tied down to and it just seems to always get the better part of you? You’ve tried fighting your way out, but you are just pinned down,down in  that mess.Trapped?Okay then,follow me,I have a message for you.

How often we fall into the enemy’s traps.Sometimes traps we set for ourselves, walk into it by ourselves and we can’t just find ourselves walking out easily.We build our own prison cells and stay locked in.Here,let me address some.

Are you addicted to drugs and alcohol? Started with a sip or a drag,you didn’t plan to get stuck to it for ‘survival’ did you? Now you can’t go a day without it. Or is it those ‘xxx’ movies? You know it’s wrong, but it keeps pulling you and you can’t say no. Trapped!

And there’s that relationship you know you shouldn’t be in.Started out so innocently, you didn’t plan to get so intimate,but here you are,you’ve been ambushed! It’s all polluted and you can’t step out of it. Every time you try to cut ties,a simple text comes in,and you are back “in love”. Okay,maybe  yours is not yet polluted,but you know deep down you shouldn’t be in that relationship, but you love him/her too much to obey the voice of God. You make excuses cause you see reasons why you should leave, but you can’t, you just can’t walk away. Trapped!

Whatever keeps you from obeying your Maker, entraps you from being all He has made you to be.

This is you;fervent Christian, but somehow you slipped out of the glorious path you once enjoyed. Now you are on this lowly,lukewarm and draggy path, just bearing the name you once lived out.You’re not so bad,you still go to church ,you still keep up the fervent outlook,but you know that you know that you are far from being the child of God you once were. You’ve tried sincerely to get out of this cold low land,you want to touch your Father again and feel His embrace again,read your Bible and pray as before but you just can’t. It’s so difficult, every time you think you are rising, you slip again.You’ve laboured hard enough to live this Christian life and you see others thrive in it but no,you just find yourself on the cold side.So you just give up and trod along in the congregation,held in your backslided state. Trapped!

Could it be fear? You have so many ideas  and things you can and wish to do but you’re just too afraid to take up that venture. Fear keeps you from moving forward and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t help being afraid of failure or rejection. So there you are, in your shell of mediocrity too scared to make a move.Trapped!

You! Young and agile,full of life,hopes and potentials, hidden capacities, untapped abilities, your glorious life is just ahead of you, but an habit,lifestyle or mentality has got you trapped and impotent now. Your daily fightings within and without has only got you sunk the more.

Your story in a nutshell.

I’m glad to let you know this dear; this doesn’t have to be you. Jesus was  imprisoned so you don’t have to be,held bound so you could be free, and he announced loudly on the cross that day,loud enough for all addictions,negative lifestyles and traps to hear: IT IS FINISHED. It really is. Put your hand in his today and step out of that cell of yours,to the life he has called you to live. STEP OUT.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.Stand firm,then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

There’s freedom in surrender. Stop struggling and come back to Him. Talk to Him in all sincerity exactly how you feel,and do it now. No cover ups,no defense.He hears you dear,he so hears you.Gather the little faith you have left, though it be small as a mustard seed, and believe he can and will save you.

Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare… Psalm 91:3

Don’t let the enemy cheat you,making you pay for what has already been paid for. You dear,yes you! has to take that step and take it today.

I pray this day,that you find the grace to follow the  stream of heavens light in that dark cell of your insecurities and return to your Maker,in Jesus’ name.Amen!

You are soo dearly loved 😍!

If you feel the need to talk,you could contact    ….many advisers make victory sure (Proverbs11:14).

Song recommendation: Unstoppable love by Jesus Culture.

Book recommendation: the Bible.

Restoration, freedom and healing.

Yours in Christ,                                                              Prudence.



Hello there!

First,you’d permit my grammar. There’s actually no word like ‘familyness’😊…just coined for this message I’m trying to pass across.Anyways, you’ll get to understand what it means as you read through.

     What I want to do is to call our attention to the fact that we need to conciously show love to our family this Christmas season and always. Yes,I know this sounds weird,like offcourse I love my family! Lol, I know you do but how often do you show it?

  1John 3:18 Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

Many times when we read the Scriptures that talk about love ,our consideration only goes to other people outside our families,like church members,friends,colleagues, classmates,unbelievers and so on(you might even think it selfish to show so much concern for family).Rarely do we consider that our family members are involved in this also.Well,they are! We love our family members, yes we do. There is this natural, obligated love,and love that we don’t have an option to that we have for family,and I bless God for that. My point is that we don’t show it,maybe on their birthdays, once in a while  it shows but we are mostly nonchalant about consciously showing love to our family members.

      So ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time to bend inward a little and shower all that love you show to outsiders on your family, starting this Christmas (that’s why I love Christmas, it’s usually family time). Are you wondering how you are to show love to your family other than your normal way of relating with them? Here are some tips you could find useful:

  1. SAY IT; tell your family members with your mouth how much you love them. I know many people will find this weird, but if you can say it to someone outside, you can for the group of people that love you unconditionally.Just try it.
  2. BUY THEM GIFTS;this should be a normal thing at Christmas, but that tradition is gradually fading away.Doesn’t have to be expensive, just let it be from your heart ,okay?
  3.  GIVE THEM YOUR ATTENTION; starting this Christmas as you go home, try to pay attention to your family and give them your time.Don’t lock yourself in your room with your phone or just be concerned about the food. Be with them in the sitting room,dining,kitchen, outside,etc. Let your family feel you this Christmas.
  5. Help around the house,mum’s in the kitchen, help.Dad’s fixing the Christmas tree,help.Let them send you and you go without complaining for once.Stay happy and smiling to keep the Christmas mood up.
  6. DO anything else that says “I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE FOR ME”

Now I’m aware this may not work for all families, regarding that different families are unique. Love may be lacking in your home,but here’s an opportunity for you to work with God to help you establish His love in your midst and bind y’all together. Should it be you are far away from home? Call them,send text messages ,just let them know your heart’s with them. Whatever the challenge is, I know the love of Jesus that we are celebrating this season can reach your home through you.

Now don’t neglect people that are not your family members. Still give gifts to the needy,visit people, let the love from within flow out also.C’mon this is Christmas y’all, the love in this season is enough to go round everyone, just make sure your family gets its share ,okay? You’ll be happy you did.

Let me start the love sharing ; I LOVE YOU so much.Thank you for staying with me this year and reading ,commenting ,liking and your views meant a lot to me.For your gift, you could link up with me through my Facebook or IG account.😊😊

May you have a Christ centered Christmas, and may His love be shared abroad in your heart,home and around you.Amen

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Hope to see you here next year!!😘😘.

Yours in Christ,                                                                                               Prudence.


Hello reader,

I’m so excited to blog about this issue of friendship, because I do have a lot of friends.And I’ve realized that friendship is a golden gift to humanity and a silent driving force to many things we do. Before we go ahead, I’ld like to say that on this issue, it wouldn’t be a good thing to sit at the two extremes of it.One of  which is letting your life and happiness depend on the friends you have or don’t have to the extent that you loose ‘you’ in the midst of ‘we’. And the other extreme of it will be; you intentionally ignoring the place of friendship like it has no use and being the ‘stay away from me’ complete loner. Friendship has its place.

Now please note, that when I say friend ,I mean friend in the full sense of it okay? Not parasitic or plastic. Friendship goes beyond being partners in crime ,or walking around together,matching outfits,birthday posts,taking pictures together, gossiping, covering up for the other, signing attendance ,sending screenshots or any plastic parade displayed on the internet. This is something one should be deliberate about.

The issue here is not about teaching you to be a friend, cause it should flow naturally ,but to call our attention to the fact that more than the title BFF or so,you have the responsibility to work deliberately on that friendship. Because our lives follow a planned out course,we can not just have friends for having sake.Take it on yourself to be a blessing to your friend.Be intentional!

Okay, so here’s a list of things you should give yourself to in being a good friend:

  1. Pray earnestly for your friends: this goes  a long way in their lives and in yours and for your friendship. It’s not weird, it’s good.
  2. Ask them how they are doing and mean it: in all the glee and fun take time to find out how your friend is really doing.
  3. Be strong for them: it’s not going to be all fun and adventure,you know right?There’ll be sad times,yes,cry or be sad with them, but in it all ,for their sakes, find strength for both of you.
  4. Be there for them:don’t be always busy when they need you and not busy when you need them.
  5. Be  honest with them:say what needs to be said. May not go smoothly,but it’s for good.
  6. Be the godly friend that gives godly advice.

Friends are for always.

So,please take time to build up healthy friendships. You are not only committed to a relationship partner,your friends now deserve some show of love and commitment too. 

So go out there and be the best friend you can be and let your friend(s) know that they indeed have a friend. I’ll stop here.

And yeah,let go of the friend that is consistently, unrepentantly ,parasitic. Don’t try to act God.

Song recommendation: Praying for you by Casting Crowns

Companionship and loyalty,



img_20170916_154647.jpg         Yes!  All ye single ladies, those of you or us actually  that have not committed ourselves  to any relationship yet ,yes my lady, you! I would like you to get some things straight and not to let the world label you or let you  label yourself with some kind of stigma that’s not yours to bear. Now get me right please, this has nothing to do with feminism, and it is not to boost any false form of self esteem for the single lady either. The time you have as a single (not in a relationship yet person), is a time for great investments for healthy relationships in the future, and if we don’t get it right, avoiding some kind of mentalities and attitudes, we would just waste that time and enter into relationships only to ruin it later.

So, I was led to write this post because I’ve noticed, and you probably have also noticed the jump and gyrations on the internet and around, about being in a relationship, which is a very good  thing,but could cause terrible heartaches if entered into blindly and carelessly .

People tend to forget that there’s a God who is sovereign over all affairs of men, yes, ALL affairs, do not leave relationships out. For somebody who knows she has an Overseer over her  life, you can’t just jump in and out of a relationship, with whoever says you’re beautiful and when and how you want to, no! God, your Overseer is to direct that, cause He knows what’s best for you.If He is telling you for now to stay single, He’s working something out, please obey . People tend to make being in a relationship the ultimate thing, but no, it shouldn’t be so. 

‘People tend to want godly relationships more than they want God  Himself.’ @godlydating101

It shouldn’t be so, I hope we get that? 

       Okay now, let’s tackle this topic bit by bit; SHE’S SINGLE NOT LONELY:have you ever felt so bored and alone like you just need somebody to shower all that love you see on the internet on you? Nobody is constantly calling you or texting you and you want to despair ,but God is still saying hold on child? Well, you are not alone my dear, infact you are in good company. It’s okay to feel that way,but not always and not so desperately.Here is something you should know: 

  • The Holy Spirit is wonderful  company. Talk to Him, listen to Him, tell Him everything ,how you feel, what you want, ask questions, tell Him you love Him .Let Him be your number one buddy, okay? No better place to be yourself than within yourself ,and the Holy Spirit is within you  my dear Christian lady. Enjoy Him! 
  • Have friends please, godly friends. You are single doesn’t mean you are one boring, not friendly ,always indoors,doesn’t say hi to guys, always wearing a long face kinda lady. Go out with friends male and female , be happy always  ,encourage people, visit ,give gifts and recieve if you are given, and use this opportunity you have to touch people with love all around you .You don’t only show love to  a relationship partner. Practice hospitality  from now (1Peter4:9).Attend Christian fellowships and be useful there. If you don’t have godly friends, ask God to help you make some.

And to this, SHE’S NOT UNSATISFIED ; I see so many ladies around me that when they are not in relationships, they are not content. They keep grumbling and wishing, they could even think something is wrong with them or they are not beautiful enough. The devil uses this opportunity to feed so many lies into their heads and can lead them to do unspeakable things just to be in one. Desperation sets in, and all that’s on their mind is how to get into a relationship ,and they miss out of all God has for them at that time. But no sweetheart, this doesn’t have to be you, don’t let all this relationship gyrations cause you to loose your self esteem. As long as you are under God He will lead you if you let Him. He will settle you at the right time okay? My dear His timing is perfect. In a previous post, ALONE WITH GOD, I mentioned that one ought to find complete satisfaction in God alone. Again, being in a relationship is not the ultimate goal in life lady.

Colossians 2:10a ‘And ye are complete in Him… ‘ KJV

No relationship or person makes you complete. Only Christ completes you. Your happiness is not found in any person or relationship. All you need, I repeat all you need, is found in Christ alone.This is no feminism or woman empowerment talk, it is just the simple truth. So, find your satisfaction in Jesus, in his word, in communion with him, in his church. Be happy that you have Jesus and strive to have Him more, whether single, married, relationship or not, cause if you have Jesus you have all.

I don’t know how appropriate it is for  a lady to be single and searching, I think you could be single and waiting to be found. It is not advisable for you to go searching around, it could be awkward for you as a lady. Let God do the searching and bringing  your way and match making ,you do the waiting on God.

I’ve heard stories of ladies breaking other ladies relationships because they are jealous and single,lol don’t do that please. Focus on Jesus. Don’t be dressing poorly and be saying “afterall nobody is looking at me and I have no one to impress”lol don’t do that also please. You may want to say “oh miss you don’t understand, I don’t have time not to be desperate “, well I  may not understand but this I know that God does not leave his children to fate, He works things out for their good.

Let me not say more, but I  hope you read this and get it. Basic point; let God lead you and help you make the best of whatever stage of His leading you are.  Single and Satisfied! In a relationship and happy! #singlesavedandsatisfied!

May the Lord guide your way, and grant you grace to follow His timetable for your life with gladness,Amen.

And yeah ,this doesn’t only apply to singles, I believe they are truths for life. God bless you.

Completion, happiness and satisfaction.                            –Prudence